At its extraordinary meeting on Tuesday December 12, 2017, the Village of Saint-Antoine’s municipal council unanimously adopted its 2018 general operating budget of $ 1,885,344. The property tax rate will increase by two cents. The new rate is 1.2641 per $ 100 of assessed value, which means that the property tax for a home valued at $ 100,000 will increase by $ 20 per year.

An amount of $ 494,993 will be dedicated to the operation of the water and sewer system. Due to a slight increase in the water service rate of $ 15 per unit for 2018, the annual bill of a typical household in Saint-Antoine will be $ 500 compared to $ 485 in 2017. 

"Some major projects are planned for 2018: significant work to the sewer system, which includes a new layer of asphalt and the addition of curbs, on Gérard and Camille Streets for a total of $ 2.1 million between the three levels of government, the replacement of part of a sidewalk on Avenue de l'Église for $ 15,000, work on the storm sewers between Acadie Street and Gilbert Street for a total of $ 30,000 and the repair of culverts on Yvon Street at a cost of   $ 17,000, "explains Mayor Ricky Gautreau.  

The budget is divided as follows: administration $ 331,948, protection $ 497,964, transportation $ 478,113, hygiene $ 95,890, urban planning $ 51,215, recreational and cultural $ 200,288 and financial services $ 229,926. An amount of $ 10,000 was granted to recreation for the organization of activities.

An amount of $ 10,000 will also be deposited in the general capital reserve fund while an amount of $ 5,000 will be deposited in the water and sewage capital reserve fund for future projects.


There will be a municipal council public meeting on Tuesday April 24 at 7:30 pm in the council’s chamber. Welcome to all citizens.

In May, a survey will be conducted by the Seniors and Special Needs Committee for the citizens 50 years of age or older to determine their perceptions, needs and preoccupations. The questionnaire, simple and short, will be distributed door to door by volunteers in our municipality. The committee is looking for volunteers to help with the distribution of the survey. If you are interested, call 525-4020 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..